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Yet, never were those words so true as my writing adventure caught the eye of a national money making review magazine aptly called More Money Review.

This is what their editor, Michelle Roberts had this to say about our service;

Lions Share Review

Michelle Roberts | May 11, 2012 | Reply

Product Name: Lions Share Betting Tips

Author: Eddie Lyons

Company Name & Contact Details:

Fortis Publications Ltd,
Unit 3, Hainault Works,
Little Heath,
RM9 5NP�

Contact: contact@fortispublications.com

Headline: The Intelligent Investors Guide To Sports Betting Will Put You On The Right Path.

Price: Currently this is free gratis

Money Back Guarantee: This is free so none required.

What Do You Get?

– The Intelligent Investors Guide To Sports Betting manual�
– Subscription to The Lions Share free e-letter

Where To Buy: http://www.fortispublications.com/lionsshare/

Brief Summary:

Lions Share is a free e-letter through which Eddie Lyons will share his gambling techniques and strategies.

You get a full 23 page guide called “The Intelligent Investors Guide To Sports Betting”.

Signing up plus free weekly betting tips, analysis and strategies and free reviews of the latest betting systems and scams.

What’s It All About?

He states that he is just an ordinary guy who works hard to analyze and discover little known markets, bookmaker mistakes and win-win opportunities.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Nothing quoted as yet but I guess a small bank of say £200 would be enough to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The author states that he makes regular bonuses of £50 to £200 by investing in certain sporting events.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

All betting activities can be commenced as soon as the tips are sent direct to your inbox.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special required but if there are any lays included then a PC with Internet connection and an account with a betting exchange will be required.

Value For Money?

They don’t come any cheaper than when they are free so providing the information is rock solid then this has to be true value.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Judging by their sales literature all looks to be in good order and high expectations.

All correspondence and e-mails have been dealt with speedily and efficiently.


It is not very often that one gets to comment on a very refreshing newsletter which has only recently made it’s debut in Sports Betting circles…

So, quite remarkably this comes free and direct to your inbox upon signing up for the service.

This newsletter is the brainchild of Eddie Lyons who seeks to report and discuss snippets of information relating to all sporting activities.

At the same time this doubles up to become an active tipping service which often shares good quality ideas and information.

The circular started life as a one off weekly edition but…

Now appears to have gained some popularity and the stakes have been truly upped to include one further edition making two in all.

These editions have since been rescheduled to appear in subscribers inboxes on Saturday’s and Wednesday’s.

There is absolutely no charge for any of these editions.

One could certainly do worse than by glancing through the pages which very often display some useful tips and information.

The author has aptly named this sporting circular The Lions Share.

Judging by the topics covered this looks to going from strength to strength….

So over the past few weeks and would appear to promise much for the future.

For example, inside issue one, we as readers were given an insight into how to bet on rising fuel prices.

A subject probably we never even thought about this approach to our daily betting activities.

Issue Contents & Golden Nuggets

One of the issues contained an excellent coverage of the NBA Basketball and made reference to a team called Boston Celtics. and

Eddie added that this was a team to get one’s money on for further success.

There were also articles on West Ham and their playoff success after having been tipped previously as prospective winners a week or so previously.

Betting Banks and Staking Plans were also covered…

Two issues where the Euro 2012 Championships were fully discussed with full recommendations on which teams to back including full explanations on these final selections.

It comes over to the avid reader that this is more than a useful circular.

I very much like the plain and straight forward way the author discusses each topic with honesty and enthusiasm and real belief in the subject matter.

This is a real credit and can only get better with the passage of time and I sincerely think that The Lions Share is definitely here to stay.

The Intelligent Investor’s Guide To Sports Betting

Moving on a little I would also like to mention that there is a free download produced by this same outfit.

This is available to download as a twenty three page e-book entitled “Intelligent Investor’s Guide To Sports Betting” .

This free report highlights lots of sensible aids to help with the daily betting scenario.

Quite a lot of this is actually down to the common sense approach and probably will help beginners rather than those a little more seasoned to betting.

Tips, Tricks & 10 Magic Secrets…

A whole six chapters are devoted to helpful ideas and hints to further one’s chances of being successful in the betting arena.

Chapter one covers the Cornerstones of Success…

The following two chapters covering the basics of online betting and asking the question on which type of betting personality refers to you.

There are also sections covering just what one needs to know when choosing your Bookmaker.

The final chapter is devoted to Eddie Lyons Magic Ten Secrets For Betting Success.

Here he reveals his ten most valuable hints which may help you, the valuable punter.

All together this makes for some light reading!

I would imagine that this will not help everyone, it does have some valid points.

So there we have it, a valuable service costing absolutely nothing and at the same time provides good logical tips which are well worth noting.

Remember the name “The Lions Share” and sign your name on the dotted line….

I don’t think you will regret this as it is one of the best “freebies” around.

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