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Revealed; How A College Dropout Starts A Writing Post, Gains Readership…To Winning A National Review Within 12 Months!

National Magazine Notices Aspiring Writer Reveal His Writing Secrets Within...

Hi there,

I’m Edward Lyons…or just ‘Eddie’ as everybody calls me.

Pleased to meet you!

Well, I don’t know quite where to begin, only that as you’ve guessed…I love writing!!

The sheer creativity of creating and bridging worlds with words to me is quite literally ‘poetry in motion’.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m something out-of-the-ordinary or ‘special’.

You may think that I’m a highly educated university scholar who aced his way through the academic years?

Not quite.

If the truth be known, there is nothing really special about me.

Honestly, the guy smiling back at you from the photo is happy-go-lucky as the picture shows…

No University or college degree. Or even fairly well educated so I didn’t have a head start over anybody else.

In fact, modestly speaking I’m just a college dropout who during those tender formative academic years was predicted by his teachers to fail his college education.

Not that I did mind you.

But what I do have going for me is something much better than money in the bank.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff.

It’s no secret.

But most call it ‘the will to win’. Or a burning desire.

Some may call it a need to ‘better yourself’.

Either way they say it’s one of the highly coveted requisites to get you wherever you want to get to.

In my case, I never ever did anything by halves. It was ‘always ALL or NOTHING’ with me and I’ll go into more detail into this in a minute…

KEY TAKEAWAY 1; Believe in yourself as confidence in yourself will bestow and instill confidence in others.

You are your own unique product and in order to sell your product/service you need to believe in it and YOU!

By doing this one most important key and go at your venture with all guns blazing by putting your all into it and you’ll be surprised at how many doors will open!

”Reach for the stars and you won’t come down with a handful of dirt”.

Anyway, all said and done this is where you come in….

If you can relate to or just feel ‘a calling’ to a more positive direction & want a change of direction in life, make a side-hustle,(that’s also known as a decent sideline of steady income), or if you’re anything like me, you just want to have a little fun whilst riding this roller coaster called life, you’re in very good company!

From Little Writing Acorns….

I first got started writing when around 2010, I stumbled upon…jeez,(!), I cringe at saying this but a ‘business opportunity’ by a successful entrepreneur called Charlie Wright, formerly of BizOppJungle.

Oh no!Another biz opp from another guru, right?

You’ve been on this merry-go-round before, haven’t you?

This is the story where you see a ‘business opportunity’ and you invest your money only you didn’t read the xyz small print which caused you to lose money, right?


This story is a little different in that I had some degree of success. Not only that, but because of just writing what I knew about,(I’ll come to that in a moment), I built up a small cult following…

Doing something that many people as it turned out wanted my specialist knowledge from what was trapped in my mind & as a result of releasing this turn it into cold hard cash!

After all, as my dear old Dad would say;

”Money, property, friends and possessions will come and go. Even if they’re stolen from you, knowledge can never be taken from you…”

And never a truer word spoken.

So much so that my fathers words must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy as the information publishing industry and the digital products market continue to go from strength to strength as Shopify elaborates;


KEY TAKEAWAY 2; Education is key. But only by applying that education are keys that unlock doors!

I have always been the eternal student, but it was only until applying that knowledge did it become action and life rewards action takers!

”Give People What They Want And You’ll Have Everything You Want.”

So, on with my story…

I was offered to come on board The Omega Programme which was marketed by Canonbury Publishing on how you can create an information based service designed to help people to improve their lives by sharing a specialist knowledge that only you can deliver…

In other words, people were willing to pay you for what you know that is resident only in your mind!

Sure. I initially first thought. Right.

But there was that niggling ‘calling’ deep, deep,  inside of me that propelled me to want to better myself, grow and develop…it was almost like an invisible, yet present force guiding me, so what could I do?

And so therefore, I asked myself the question, ”what did I know”?

Well, I was always an avid athlete throughout my high school years and from the various sports that I learned from martial arts,(kickboxing is where I started), to track & field and eventually grid iron aka American Football as our colloquial friends across the pond call it….

Whatever I was doing I was going at it 110%. And it had to be fun. That sense of joy had to be there in whatever I did!

Like I said, all in.

All of the time.

But during the latter part of these formative years I was making money from doing something that is as old as civilisation was…

A Winning Combination; Sports Betting Meets Online Writing!

Which was helping my Dad regularly win on the fixed odds coupons. I had a head for figures and spotting trends & patterns very quickly & Dad would get the coupons & I would ‘do my thing’.

And we’d make a little money. £15 here & there. £20 another week. £25 perhaps the week after.

Sure. Not a life changing amount of money, I grant you…but the thrill of a teenager making ‘easy money’ & being in a partnership and sharing a passion whilst doing something with my Dad was the best part!

So,the next week, Dad would go to the betting shop & get the coupons.

I’d ‘do my thing’.

And we’d make a little money.

Again & again. Over & over & over…

You see that quality of doing something with putting your all into it?

Well, that was me.

As a direct result of this throughout the years I expanded my curiosity and branched out  ‘doing my thing’ into other sporting areas…growing…developing and honing my craft that I stumbled on accidentally.

KEY TAKEAWAY 3; Take calculated risks and by doing this you’ll not only open more doors and step through…

But actually buck the odds more in your favour than by doing absolutely nothing at all.

Famous Words…

One of my all-time favourite quotes comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger who says;

”Don’t be afraid of failing because there is nothing wrong with failing. You have to fail in order to climb that ladder… we all fail. It’s OK.”

”What is not OK is when you fail and stay down. Whoever stays down is a loser. Winners will fail and get up. Fail and get up. Fail and get up…that is a winner”.

Another way of looking at it is;

”You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket”.

When you combine the above with relentless cold hard action this can only align the heaven and stars for you as destiny is not given or waiting, but it is being written…

So write your own destiny!

Writing My First Book and Online Newsletter

Fast forward the years…

Enter Charlie Wright and The Omega Programme…

And so BettingForSuccess was born!

I plugged away at this writing from ‘the heart’ as I did anything that I was passionate about & I eventually and rigidly followed the practical ‘How To Advice’ from The Omega Programme & Charlie was always on hand to answer any questions that I had.

(If you’re curious I’ll post my very first issues of BFS on my blogging site and I really did write my first book which unsurprisingly was called ‘The Intelligent Investor’s Guide to Sports Betting’).

As a consequence, my application and perseverance of The Omega Programme saw me setting up my very first autoresponder,(think of it like a robot that sent out issues of my newsletters whenever I programmed it to), and with patience it slowly but surely grew and so I started building up a list of regular subscribers…

I was off and running!

After awhile…I think it was a year in of running & being the editor of my own online sports betting newsletter, Charlie Wright,(The Omega Programme was his brainchild), was very impressed with ‘my baby’ & he had inside contacts who were also considering starting a sports betting newsletter with the aim of collaborating with little ol’ me…

But I hope you can see that just from a ‘leap of faith’, a healthy dose of inspiration and the necessary ingredients of passion, joy and fun led me to an adventure which led to opening more doors and opportunities for me.

And it all started by keeping an open mind…

Enter Fortis Publications CEO’s Gareth Rees & Emily Ree with Dave fedash who was a surefire ace copywriter!

Growing Caterpillar To Copywriting Butterfly!

So I agreed to join the guys and upscale to a national UK betting venture and because of my passion and efforts the year before, The Lions Share was born!

(Did you notice the play on words with ‘Lions Share’ tying in with Edward Lyons?).

I had shadowed expert copywriters and Fortis directors Dave Fedash & Gareth Rees further honing my craft. And whilst doing so during these two years, I fulfilled every one of my deadlines for completion of content and copywriting.

Can you see what can become of starting from ‘little acorns’?

Together with the right mindset you have just learned how a college dropout had advanced from nothing to a writing star.

Remember these immortal words…

”Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

Edward Lyons writing

If you have any questions or just want to ask me something that isn’t covered, please use the contact page and I’ll try my best to help you;

You have every chance of turning nothing into something RISK FREE within just 12 months by creating your own Licence To Print Money!