“How Would You Feel Waking Up To Regular Deposits Into Your Bank Account 24/7 As Proven By Over 100 People Using This Amazon Bestseller System in Just 90 Days?!”


Imagine How Overjoyed These People Were When They Discovered A Way To Get Paid For What They Knew?

Here Is How You Can Copy Exactly What They Did…

Dear Friend,

You are about to learn how the Amazon Bestseller system has helped so many ordinary people just like yourself to create a residual income and as a result transformed their lives!

But before I come to that, let me ask you…

How many times have you ever wondered if there was a better way than just the daily grind of a 9-5 job?

That there must be more to life than just your daily routine & all-too familiar grind?

Going to work. Coming home. Spend a little time with the family. Then go to bed only to repeat the process all over again…

Day after day…

Week in week out….

The 100 plus individuals above once had these very thoughts and same feelings of frustration that you have now.

Because they were too busy earning a living to see another way of making money.

In addition to this, they didn’t have any special skills, a gold plated University education or any training whatsoever…

In other words, they were and are just ordinary people just like you & me.

But they eventually stumbled on finding a key to unlock the door to another whole new world of making money…

Welcome to the Amazing Amazon Number 1 Bestselling System!


Before you read any further and the thought of writing a book is discouraging, then let me make it clear that no writing has to be done by yourself whatsoever!

That’s right. I’ll repeat myself again;

You don’t have to write anything, so don’t worry. I’ll explain how you can do this in a moment.

Yet you’ll still be able to develop a regular consistent and reliable cash machine, so that you’re able to create a steady passive income like other people too.

But if a new challenge is quite welcome and the thought of working absolutely anywhere and at anytime would suit your lifestyle, then let’s indulge a little more…

After all, how would it feel to have your name & photo on the front cover of a runaway hit Number one Amazon bestseller!

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate high?

Attending book signings before crowds of adoring fans clamouring to have your signature with a personal message within the first page of your book?

Or perhaps to see your latest book listed as ‘Number One Bestseller’ on Amazon. Just imagine the prestige and envy you’ll receive from friends, loved ones and envious neighbours…

That sense of pride and accomplishment of finally achieving something that the whole world can see that ‘you finally made it’ will shine through in a room filled with your audience…

But why stop there?


Reach For The Moon & Even If You Miss You’ll Land Among The Stars!

Once you’ve been established, maybe you’d like to set your sights higher still, perhaps even aim to have your name and photo in the front shop window of Waterstones?

In addition to this, your Amazon Bestseller book writing project can be uploaded & sold on Kindle worldwide spreading fame carrying your name and work further & wider…

By then you can afford to say goodbye to the boss with a smug self-satisfied grin.

The financial rewards have allowed you to buy a newer luxurious detached property in the more exclusive postcode area in town.

A brand new top of the range shiny Mercedes serves as another surreal reminder that sometimes dreams really can come true…

And why not?

”Don’t Judge Each Day By The Harvest You Reap, But By The Seeds That You Plant”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Many other newcomers,(again, with no previous experience or even formal English qualifications), whatsoever have gone on to unleash their untapped talent as they started to carve out a very lucrative income…

Just because of their creative writing.

And as a direct consequence, net themselves a very healthy passive income of royalties for years to come.

That’s right. A steady consistent income which is regular money coming in on autopilot.

Set this up as shown exactly how.

Put in the work initially & then watch the money come in like clockwork even when you’re sleeping…

Away on holiday topping up your tan on a sun kissed beach…

Maybe even playing a round or two of golf or taking up a new hobby which you’ve always wanted.

Perhaps you’ll just spending time relaxing with your family and friends?

For instance, every time that your book sells, you receive money into your account.

Again and again.

Over and over…

It certainly beats clocking into work, putting in those 40 plus hours every week just to do it another 48 weeks throughout the year doesn’t it?


So, Stop The Clock, Hit Re-set & Enjoy Life!

Just picture whenever you’ve woken up the next morning, multiple amounts of monies from all four corners of the Earth have been deposited into your account just for a few words initially put together which then compounded little by little…

Day by day…

A couple of months ago….

And as an end result, here you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

What would that mean to you and how would that benefit your life and that of your family?

”How Will You Enjoy Your Time Once You Set Your Residual Income Stream in Motion”?

This, here and now, is the opportunity to get that precious time back by spending it doing the things you love with the people that you love…

Watching your children grow up as you have more time to play whilst devoting it to them. Being there and participate in their after school activities.

Or having more free time so you can travel with your spouse to your bucket list of locations…

Perhaps explore the exotic Chinese and French ruins of Cambodia as you’re left spellbound by the great architecture.

Maybe you’ll indulge in the haven of natural beauty with Madagascar’s wild animals, explore the Masoala National Park and Tsingy forests has…

You may decide to go all out and take an around the world cruise…when you want without the constant anxiety of having to return to work…as time slowly but surely ebbs away…

Can you put a price on that?

Of course not.

Because when time is gone, it won’t be coming back and that’s it.

Two Sides Of One Coin; Doubt Vs Faith

Even if you’re not a budding writer, a change of direction is what maybe required, so that would be the ideal dream, wouldn’t it?

Although it may seem a little too farfetched and distant at this moment in time…

Feelings of doubt and uncertainty may creep in?

Or you might even ask yourself, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?”

Perhaps, you might have tried your hand at other start-up businesses and came up short? It could be that you’re wary of online scams and don’t want to be led up the garden path…

So, whatever your reason, let’s put your scepticism and doubt to one side…just for one moment…

Because the UK’s No.1 bestselling author, Amazon Bestseller system coach & mentor Richard McMunn is going to guide and teach you a step-by-step way of creating your book writing income that has proven to work for so many others whom you’ll read about in just a moment…

Introducing Your Amazon Bestseller Coach & UK No.1 Author, Richard McMunn.

But before I tell you how this will work for you, let me give you a brief summary of Richard McMunn…

Starting from humble roots, Richard McMunn had left school at the tender age of just 16 armed with only 3 GCSEs.

He joined the Royal Navy which saw him gain experience on board the warship HMS Invincible.

After serving his time in the Royal Navy, Richard then decided to join the Kent Fire & Rescue Service as a fire fighter.

Seventeen years on, a much older and wiser Richard then felt the urge for a new source of challenge and much need of direction.

So, he gathered his accumulated experience into his first guide on how to become a fire fighter.

And here is Richard McMunn receiving the IPA Awards

Richard has gone onto write & self-publish more than 200 books and hit that coveted best-seller status an incredible 117 times!

He is now the Managing Director of ‘How2become’, the UK’s leading career specialists created to help it’s readers pass the selection process of their career selection the easier way!

And here is Richard again receiving The Nielsen Digital Marketing Award 2018 three years consecutively for his efforts toward How2become.com!

Richard has had more Number 1 bestselling books, whilst being responsible for creating and helping more than 100 ordinary people become highly successful self-published bestselling authors.

These people were once sitting exactly where you are today…and you’ll soon read about them!

The book writing template which you will learn from Richard not only works, but has made over £7,000,000 all from writing and publishing books!!

And with a book industry spiralling enormous growth year in year out because that very need for high quality authors & books on both fiction & non-fiction has never been in such high demand!

So much so that Amazon’s growth is currently at a staggering 8.69 billion pounds!

With Amazon planning on launching further bookshops all over the UK and worldwide, you’ve come in at a prime time on the cusp of a new frontier of the digital age.

In fact, back in February 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported;

By Reuters

12:51AM GMT 03 Feb 2016

”Amazon plans to open as many as 400 physical bookstores, according to the chief executive of a major American shopping centre operator.

And Amazon dipped its toe into the waters of brick-and-mortar stores with the opening of a bookshop in its home city of Seattle in November. An expansion of stores, which the company has not confirmed, would be a surprise reversal from the online retailer credited with driving physical booksellers out of business.”

Start Here With A B C  Easy Steps…And Let The Amazon Bestseller System Give You The X Y Z To Success!

Within his proven tried & tested five set intense online video course, ‘Richard McMunn’s Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author System’, you can tread a familiar path which has taken every day normal ordinary people, (just like yourself), from a pedestrian start to pen amazing bestsellers…

To even award winning books both fiction & non-fiction in less time than you would to get into shape with a great personal trainer!

And just like a personal trainer, Richard will coach, guide & mentor you through your five set online video course, as you unravel the mysteries of the highly successful world of self-publishing & turbo boost your way up through the ranks of Amazon’s Movers & Shakers!

Richard will show you exactly how to;

  • Understand exactly how the Amazon Bestselling System works.
  • Program & gear your mind for laser-beam precision focus!
  • If you like the above, then why not use this follow up technique to offset against business expenses & be £££’s in!!!
  • Use these 7 Golden nuggets to make sure you’re on the right track to Amazon Bestseller success!!
  • How you can get stocked in Waterstones & Gardner’s!
  • Learn to transform Youtube into your very own steady cash machine to slingshot your sales for FREE!
  • Master these first 3 steps to your success & watch step 4 appear and take care of itself!
  • Use this technique to cut down your writing hours and watch your progress turbo boost!!
  • Get out of being lost in a writing maze and use Richard’s Action Plan to uncover every nook & cranny so you know exactly how to keep and stay on track!
  • Learn razor sharp techniques to fast track you onto the first page of Google!!
  • Plus Worksheets, Cheat Sheets & Blueprints to make sure you leave no stone unturned!!

And so much more!!

How Amazon KDP Can Help Propel Your Success Even Further!

In addition, Richard will also show you how to virtually guarantee that your success is within touching distance by navigating you through the twists and turns including transitioning your Amazon Bestseller book writing project through to Kindle.

As a result, this will have a ‘domino effect’, thereby directly maximising your efforts and gaining even further widespread recognition and of course more money for you!

Kindle is your gateway to a worldwide cash vault of untapped customers who are willing to spend their money on your quality material…

Again, don’t worry about the finished article. Richard’s course will take you through each step at a time…


How Can Inexpensive, Yet High Quality Ghostwriters Fast Track Your Amazon Bestseller Project?


But if book writing isn’t for you, Richard will explain how you can outsource the work out to somebody else for a nominal fee whilst transferring the works legally over in your name so you get all the credit!

Because with an international market place filled with Ghostwriters competing for your business, (for literally a few dollars!),these freelancers will race to outbid each other to complete your creative writing venture at a time best suited to suit you.

So, think of this as a ‘reverse Ebay auction’ bid vying for your contract!

By using Richard’s first rate tutelage and expertise, you will learn to tune and hone your creative writing skills even further educating you about designing your front and rear book using high quality professionally designed artistic covers so you will stand out from the rest and make that maximum impact!

Your 22 Course Module video course captures a live workshop of students who have learned exactly what you will learn too!

Meet These Amazon Bestseller Students Who Started From Nothing.

However, if you want further proof, look no further than Trustpilot who have awarded Richard with the top billing of five stars!!

For instance, here is what some of Richard’s students including Wendy Fry,(author of  Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters), had to say about Richard’s services;

Top Marks for a Top Team!

I’ve worked with Richard McMunn and his team twice over and will definitely be using their services again.

Not only are he and his team ultra efficient they also take the hassle out of the tech side of converting your book to kindle, formatting layout, creating cover design, ISBN provision and a million other things which you may not know go into a book.

Every question I have ever asked (and I ask a lot) they have been able to answer or get back to me. Service with a smile is an added bonus.

Thank you for making it easy to be a self published author.

Wendy Fry, Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters

UK’s Top Author Coach and Independent Publisher

”I attended Richard McMunn’s Book Writing and Publishing Seminar at the Novotel Heathrow which was just fantastic ! Author turned publisher and now coach, he’s excellent at presenting all the important things you need to know about writing, publishing and promoting your book.

Richard is very eloquent and presents his seminar in a very easy to understand format, and during his presentation, he invites you to join him and his team to become another successful writer within a very short period of time by publishing on Amazon. His insights and experiences can help any writer – from complete beginner to established writer – to write a book that has a high chance of becoming a bestseller on Amazon.

After receiving a free VIP ticket as well as his bestselling book on publishing, I started reading and finished it in one go. The book featured all relevant and up-to-date information with many tips and tricks to becoming a bestselling author.

At the seminar, his company’s managing director Joshua Brown was equally impressive, showing us tips & tricks to increase website traffic, inbound leads and social media followers, as well as to how to use video on YouTube to increase exposure, reader interaction, conversion and sales.

I would recommend anyone that is planning to write a book and self-publish, to attend Richard McMunn’s seminar. If you can’t attend, then read his insightful book on writing and book publishing, and you will be convinced.

Highly recommended ! ”

Jerry Floros

07‎ ‎Apr‎ ‎2019

Over Promises and Over Delivers


”8 weeks ago I attended a 1 day seminar with Richard Mc Munn , having already self published 3 books I thought I might just pick up a few tips and techniques to help me with the process for my next one.

Little did I know what was about to happen.

What a wealth of knowledge this man has.

Here I am 8 weeks later and with the help of not only the Guru himself but also his team of supportive, creative and helpful team my book is in print online and in kindle format.

From concept through cover design and content, Richard and his team have been amazing.

If you are thinking of writing a book STOP Thinking and START doing by contacting Richard Mc Munn right now and who knows in 8 weeks time maybe you could be holding your book too 🙂 ”.

Cheryl Chapman

17 Dec 2015

Could You Be The Next Amazon Bestseller Testimonial?

If the people above which you have just read about can do this, why can’t you?

They were no better off than you are now and they all started from the first step like we all do.

Firstly, they had no special hand-outs.

Secondly, they didn’t have any fancy University degrees.

And thirdly, whilst most importantly, they possessed absolutely no zero book writing experience whatsoever.

Above all, they succeeded because they had or developed the will and hunger to win…just to try something new, guided by the UK’s leading Amazon Bestseller book coach and author, Richard McMunn.

Remember that magical immortalised quote which Henry Ford once said that;

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

OK, so you’ve made it by reading this far, now you really owe it to yourself by taking the next step in your journey to create the difference that you deserve!


”In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing”.

Theodore Roosevelt

In conclusion, you now have one of two choices;

Either read this and then think about whether you’ll take this up. You may even convince yourself that you’ll put this on the shelf for a few days and then take action by ordering.

It’s only by then the days have turned into weeks….

The weeks roll into months…

And before you know it, another year has passed and that dream of writing your Amazon Bestseller book, or starting something fresh and new…

Something that you deserve other than waking up to the sound of the same old alarm clock five or six days a week…

Going to work.

Coming home.

Read the newspaper and then eat your dinner.

Watch a little TV…

Rinse and repeat…

Over and over again like a hamster aimlessly running on a wheel….

Ask yourself this one very important question;

”If I keep doing what I’m doing, what more can I expect from the rest of my life?

Or there is option number 2 which is…


”Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

H.Jackson Brown

Take up this opportunity to work with Richard and just allow yourself another chance to really go for it this time!!

Unleash that other better version of yourself just by taking action NOW and transform your life to a magical living dream that you deserve both for you and your family.

So far you’ve learned that others just like you have done this and decided that NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

And now, you probably want to know what’s the cost?

Well ask yourself what is this worth to you?

What would you give for a shot at the good life?

According to the Evening Standard, an average UK family will spend around less than a price of a holiday with the ”average of £4,800 on family holidays each year, with the average vacation costing £2,417 and lasting nine days”.

£2,417. WOW!

That’s a lot of money.

Richard’s Amazon Bestseller video course is priced at just £297.

At only £5.71p per week, that’s around the price of a couple of coffee’s a week, for instance.

In fact, you probably know people who waste hundred’s of pounds on a month’s binge drinking with absolutely nothing to show for it!


”What could this potentially cost YOU if you don’t do anything?”

With the global Coronavirus pandemic threatening more and more job closures with a future of more uncertainties including question marks than any government or world leaders can provide answers to.

So, here is an opportunity to showcase your Amazon Bestseller skills and experience to a worldwide audience of over three and a half billion internet users everyday…

And that number is set to grow and increase as the Digital Age will outstrip and outlive COVID.

Now that’s a fact you can take to the bank!

Because if you have a career, work or hobbyist experience or perhaps you’ve got some knowledge stored away that you’re taking for granted…

Then this I can promise you.



Will gladly pay you what you know to share it with them!

Here are more ordinary people just like you from then to now!


    VIP masterclass for aspiring authors

    I always said, “one day I’ll write a book”.

    The problem is that my book never got written until now.

    In 2019, I was given a copy of Richard McMunn’s book, “How to write and publish a bestselling book”. I read it and immediately started to write my own book.

    However, I soon got writer’s block and stopped. I then found that Richard was giving a free presentation near Heathrow airport, so I booked myself on the course and signed up to his VIP masterclass, as an accountability measure (If I paid out some money then I’d be sure to finish writing my book). In June 2020 I finished my book, “Your Money Makeover Mindset”.

    The reason I mention my book is so that people can see (on Amazon) that I have written my own book, having read Richard’s book first and getting the VIP support from Richard and his super team.

    I am especially grateful for the constructive feedback I received. It gave me the guidance and motivation to keep going.

    If you are an aspiring author then I highly recommend working with Richard and his VIP team.

    They really are professionals.

    Mrs A Atherton
    2 reviews
    5 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Excellent
    10 Aug 2020

    Online Courses or Book – Rick’s Your Man

    What an excellent, enjoyable, informative and splendid day Rick gave us with his Online Course Creation workshop. He comes with the finest credentials – been there, done that, got at least 1,000 tee shirts. If you are seriously contemplating either putting your expertise up online or writing a book – look no further – Rick’s your man. He gives you all you need – detailed, clear, easy to follow – and doesn’t hold back either.

    Once you know about Rick you’ve run out of excuses to say you can’t – or you haven’t – taken the steps to propel yourself forward from what is still your dream, or goal. Whether it’s the one day course, or the full package, with Rick in your corner you can make it your reality.

    Valerie Davies
    2 reviews
    5 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Excellent
    14 Jan 2018

    Incredible support for Book and Online Course Publishing

    Working with Rick and his team has been an absolute pleasure and hugely beneficial. I could never have made the progress I have without their help.

    They have helped me to get my book and online course produced and published in record time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make rapid progress in these areas.

    Sean O’Leary
    1 review
    5 stars: Excellent  5 stars: Excellent
    1 Feb 2018

    So. There you have it.

    Just plain everyday normal people just like you going from zero to hero and all because…

    They had an open mind and took action!

    Now, if it’s experience that you have to offer, a specialist skill set, a novel, a children’s book, ‘101 Ways To Do XYZ’,memoirs or just at this moment in time a plain blank canvas, because I’m going to make this a ‘complete no risk no brainer’ for you!



    ”If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

    Jim Rohn

    To really give you more than a fair fighting chance, I’m going to make this really 100% risk free.

    Try this Amazon Bestseller life-changing program for a full twelve months.

    Just to make it clear;
    Twelve months.

    100% Risk Free.

    No Catches.

    Use and apply the techniques and strategies within.
    Learn all of Richard’s hard earned secrets which took him seventeen years to learn through trial and error.

    Treat this as a step-by-step, paint by numbers system proven by many others who had nothing but desire, hunger and commitment to take a chance just to believe in themselves and watch the process unfold before their very eyes…


    Little by little…

    So make a solemn promise to yourself and your loved ones;

    ”That this time, you are REALLY going to go for it!!”

    Because if after twelve months have passed, you’ve applied what is in this video course and still haven’t made any progress toward a better you, then my PROMISE to you is to reimburse a full unconditional money back guarantee of your £297!


    ”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”

    Lao Tzu

    Your very first step begins here.

    Invest in yourself and consequently your own personal growth will reflect within your bank balance just like other successful people before you!

    By becoming a No.1 bestselling author, you can literally transform your life and develop an ever in-demand business. If you can answer a resounding YES! to these questions, then this course is definitely for you;

    • Would you like to have financial freedom?
    • Is a better way of living by not being at someone’s beck and call what you’ve been yearning for?
    • Would your life be better off by having money coming in even whilst you’re sleeping?
    • Have the peace of mind, live life and on your own terms?
    • If you’re ready for a fresh change of direction as Richard was then a new venture in writing and publishing awaits, so act by ordering NOW!

    The time is right here and right now!
    Order now and all this will be delivered to you in just a few minutes from now!
    5 Set Amazon Bestseller Online Video containing a 22 Course Module teaching you no-holds barred secrets from bestselling author Ric McMunn including;
    • A fully comprehensive step-by-step paint by numbers system for you to follow unfolding exactly how the Amazon bestseller ranking system works
    • Precise route for you to follow to ensure your success all the way to the coveted Amazon No.1 Bestseller Spot!
    • Once you’ve hit No.1 Amazon Bestseller position uncover Ric’s insider tip, tricks and secrets to TURBO BOOST your book sales even further!
    • Learn this one simple method to make sure you get stocked in Waterstones!
    • How to make Amazon’s all important review system work for you!
    • BISAC codes revealed for you to use to your advantage as you gain and secure Amazon pole position!
    • How to write your book in less than one calendar month!
    • Step-by-step guide on how to design and create stunning professional artwork for all your books in both physical and digital format.
    • Easy-to-follow exclusive action plan guided by Ric McMunn to checklist your path to Amazon success!
    Remember the main difference between winners and losers is because winners make decisions to act quickly!
    Just click on the order button below and simply pay safely and securely by taking these three steps;
    1. 1. Click on the link below.
    2. Place Your Order by Clicking Here Now!
    3. 2. Fill out your details; name, address, etc…
    4. 3. Just wait for your online course to arrive at your email address and you’re on your way!
    Remember, life doesn’t wait for anybody and it certainly doesn’t owe you a damn thing. So,you have to just go out & take it with both hands!
    So, in conclusion and once again…
    • There isn’t any need to have any formal writing qualifications!
    • It doesn’t matter whatever your background is!
    All you need is you.
    And an open mind.

    Plus the guts to put your faith in a proven system with the Amazon No. 1 Bestseller marketing strategy brought to you by National Book Publishing Awards Winner of the Year 2016, 2017 & 2018, Richard McMunn!!

    So, place your order now and just twelve short weeks from now you can be on your way to another better life which until now may not have been possible.

    Time is ticking. Every day gone is a day lost which you can never get back…

    Order safely now below the link and activate your very own licence to print money!

    All advice and guidance, from writing, to publishing, marketing – all top!

    Richard and his team, Jordan and Joshua in particular, are excellent. I participated in the program for new writers and the support was great.

    Prompt replies to emails, all decisions were made together, I was always included.

    The team was very understanding and kind during my creative pause/break after the death of a close family member.

    All advice and guidance, from writing the book, to publishing, communicating online and offline (marketing strategies) – all top! Highly recommend Richard & his team services.

    Eva Caletkova
    1 review
    5 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Excellent
    17 Feb 2020

    Simply Amazing Service and Support

    Simply Amazing Service and Support. Rick and his team, Josh and Jordan gave me full support along my book publishing journey; from initial consultation, to book cover design, chapter planning, typesetting, and publishing. 

    My book has come out better than expected and the quality of the paperback is of high standard. As promised, they helped me become an Amazon Bestselling author. Thank you for all the support over the program.

    Rikki Kotecha
    7 reviews
    5 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Excellent
    17 Feb 2020

    Thanks Rick, fantastic support.

    I have known Rick McMunn for over 5 years now as he inspired me to write my first book. I have always found him to be both knowledgeable and extremely helpful to me and I believe other authors.

    Rick is an excellent example of what can be achieved through focus and consistent effort.

    He sincerely wants you to achieve whatever pinnacle you set for yourself and provides a great role model for me and many others, who wish to attain a great level of success at book writing and publishing.

    I just want to thank him for the incredible support he offered me.

    Michael Watson
    2 reviews
    5 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Excellent
    24 May 2020

    Take your very first step just like they did…

    Just twelve short weeks from now you can be on your way to another better life which until now may not have been possible.
    Time is ticking. Every day gone is a day lost which you can never get back…

    Order now below the link and activate your very own licence to print money!

    Place Your Order by Clicking Here Now!

     Your Questions Answered

    Q; I don’t have any writing experience and wouldn’t know what to write about.
    A; Neither did any of Ric’s students which have featured here. But writing topics are very diverse from novels, children’s books to your own special skill set and hobbies which people may very well benefit from!
    Q; Can I try this out and run this alongside my job?
    A; Yes, absolutely! The idea behind this is to fit in around your existing commitments and your job. If you don’t have a job, this is the perfect opportunity to use this time to create an income during these uncertain Coronavirus threatened times.
    Q:Are there any certain age requirements for this?
    A: Not really. If anything, if you have life experience, then you can make this Amazon Bestseller system work for you as you have more to draw from.
    Q: How much money can I make from this?
    A: The income created will be residual in that you put in the effort once and then reap the rewards over and over even whilst you’re asleep!
    For example, Google states; Regardless of participation in KDP Select, authors who self-publish on Amazon through KDP also earn a 70 percent royalty on books priced between $2.99 and $9.99, and a 35 percent royalty on books that cost more or less than that.
    Q; Where can I operate this?
    A: Absolutely anywhere where there is a laptop/tablet and internet connection is available.
    How much scope is there for more Amazon writers?
    The world is quite literally your proverbial oyster!

    Quality is always in great demand and life experience, imagination, story telling or even if you have a certain work skill set will be key attributes to help you shine.

    This Amazon Bestseller system is taught by UK leading book writing coach, Richard McMunn and is further supported by a no quibble 365 money back guarantee!

    Am I really covered by a 365 day money back guarantee?

    Yes! Yes! And yes again!

    You really do have 365 days or exactly one calendar year to put into practise what you’re about to learn without any questions for a no quibble money back guarantee.

    This refund is only for a year though, but plenty of time for you to try this Amazon Bestseller System through it’s paces. I cannot say fairer than that.